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Choose from a sails stowed, booms lowered, at anchor Rouse Simmons, or the majestic ship in dark, open water with sails billowing, fighting her way south from Michigan's UP, laden with trees bound for Chicago homes.  Once you've chosen your favorite version of the most famous schooner to ever sail the Great Lakes, you can further customize your model by choosing one of four stain colors for the real wood base.   Christmas tree option is only available on the full sail version.

This is the information page for the Rouse Simmons model.

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"Rouse Simmons"

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There are two styles of this model to choose from. 
Version 1- At anchor in the harbor, with all sails stowed, and gaff sail booms lowered.
Version 2- Under sail in dark, open water, available with Christmas trees stacked high on the deck. 

Both versions come with simulated water on a wood base, stained, poly coated, and signed on the bottom by the artist.  Also included is a metal nameplate.  Model is not removable from base.   Model can be purchased as an unbuilt model kit as well.

Details to be discovered on this model include: port side anchor, cat heads, windlass, samson post, fore and aft bitts, hatch covers, wheel, steering gear box, cabin, cabin door with sliding hatch, roof skylight, stove pipe stack, davits, yawlboat with seats, rudder, chainplates, masts with booms and topmasts, pennant, bowsprit, jib boom, dolphin striker, chain bob stays.

Size:  Base measures 3.125 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  Total height of model on base is 2 inches.

Base Stain Color