Cal combines his award winning shipwreck photographs with dynamic and audience engaging storytelling, to educate and inform his listeners about the amazing shipwrecks he has visited.

Cal has presented and delivered keynote speeches at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Lake Huron Coastal Conservation Convention (Ontario, CA), GLSRF's Ghostships Conference, Milwaukee's North Point Lighthouse, Wisconsin Marine Historical Society galas, yacht clubs, nursing homes, even dive clubs meetings!  No matter if it's ten people or two hundred, your audience will be spellbound from the very first minute until the end.

Able to speak on various aspects of great lakes shipwrecks and underwater photography, his current presentation (Shooting Shipwrecks) is the most popular, and particularly well suited to non diving audiences.  It covers how he became interested in diving, what type of gear is used to scuba dive in the icy waters of the Great Lakes, and the type of camera equipment used to image these ghostly objects, all the while masterfully weaving in tales of high seas drama and danger, from over a decade of traveling the hemisphere with close friends in search of the next great wreck and big adventure.

Cal's shows are a visual odyssey, utilizing hundreds of his world renown shipwreck images, maps, and archival images from his dive career, and trips,
with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled in to keep things light.  Presentations typically run about 45 minutes with Q&A sessions afterwards.  The question sessions can be as long as 15 minutes or more, due to the intense interest of the audience and the unusual nature of the material (let's face it, photographing 150 year old shipwrecks in the Great Lakes is pretty cool!).  Event organizers should expect larger than normal turnouts, his talks have routinely drawn record crowds. Past sponsors have touted the show as fascinating, and his natural, storytelling style of speaking is reminiscent of sitting around with an old friend listening to tales of their latest adventure.

A digital projector and screen are required of the venue.  If you have a microphone system great, otherwise for small to medium sized venues he can vocalize enough to not need a mic/PA. 

Promotional images and copy can be provided upon request to aid in your advertising efforts.

Cal Is based in the Milwaukee, WI area, and is available for presentations virtually any evening of the week.  In town rate is $250 for one hour.  Out of town rates vary based on distance, please contact him regarding availability and other requirements.