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Not only are there four versions of the most famous freighter to ever sail the Great Lakes to choose from, but you can further customize your model by choosing whether to have it mounted on a stained wood base with simulated water, or get just the boat itself, either in full hull, or waterline style.  If you choose to get it on a base, there are four stain colors to choose from, to further personalize your model.  The two calm water versions are available with smoke coming out of the stack, or no smoke. 

This is the information page for the waterline calm water version titled "Downbound - Michigan Steams".

You have other questions, check the FAQ page.  There is a wealth of information there.

"Downbound - Michigan Steams"  waterline calm water display.
Edmund Fitzgerald model
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"Downbound - Michigan Steams"   This version evokes images of Lake Michigan's flat, caribean blue water, with the morning sun glinting off the spray from her bow wake.  Like Gordon sang, "Michigan steams like a young man's dreams, her islands and bays are for sportsmen"  You can feel the pride as she is on her way to another tonnage record.  This model can be purchased on a wooden base stained in one of four colors, or without a base, just the model.  The one pictured above is on a base stained in Schooner Oak.  I highly suggest the base, if not just for the ease of handling this very fragile model.  Smoke coming from her stack is an option for this version.  Model is not removable from base.

Size:  Base measures 8.5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  Total height of model on base is 1.625 inches at aft mast.

Base or no base
Base stain color
Smoke option