Published dive travel articles.


Dive Travel pt.1 PDF
What happens when the plane leaves without you...

Dive Travle pt.2 PDF
The island of Bonaire

Prins Willem- Sixty Years Later PDF
The world's first complete photo-mosaic of the Prins Willem V
November 2014 Scuba & H2O Adventure Magazine

Isle Royale-Diving Fit For Royalty PDF
Diving The wrecks of Superior's Isle Royale from a live-aboard
September 2014 Scuba & H2O Adventure Magazine

Drive and Dive Huron PDF
Spending a week driving along Huron's western shores while diving some of the best Wrecks the Great Lakes have to offer.
November 2013 North American Dive News

Shallow Wrecks of Munising PDF
About diving the relaxing, sun drenched wrecks of
Munising, MI.
October 2013 North American Dive News

Once Is Not Enough
About diving the wreck of the "Prins Willem V"
February 2012 Midwest Dive News

In Search of the Emerald Sea
About diving Browning Pass, British Columbia, Canada
December 2010 Midwest Dive News