Have it your way.

Not only are there four versions of the most famous freighter to ever sail the Great Lakes to choose from, but you can further customize your model by choosing whether to have it mounted on a stained wood base with simulated water, or get just the boat itself, either in full hull, or waterline style.  If you choose to get it on a base, there are four stain colors to choose from, to further personalize your model.  The two calm water versions are available with smoke coming out of the stack, or no smoke. 

This is the information page for the waterline version titled "A Bone To Be Chewed".

You have other questions, check the FAQ page.  There is a wealth of information there.

"A Bone To Be Chewed- The Final Minutes"  waterline display.

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"A Bone To Be Chewed" - The Final Minutes.   Lets' face it it was a horrible tragedy, but we've all wondered what those final minutes looked like as Superior readied to swallow the enormous vessel and her crew.  This is how I Imagine it.  The above image shows a base stained with Stateroom Cabernet.   Mounted to the front of the base is a real metal plate, with the name on the front.  The base is stained in your choice of one of four colors, clear coated in two coats of poly to protect it, and signed and dated on the underside by me, the artist.  The model is not removable from the base.  Only available on a base.  No smoke option.

Size:  Base measures 8.5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  Total height of model on base is 1.75 inches at aft mast.

Base stain color